Monitoring units

  • Monitoring with the aid of force, effective power, acoustic emission, and laser sensors
  • Parallel and time independent monitoring of each channel
  • Color graphics display with touch-screen for simple operation
  • Automatic error detecting and corretion of the limit values
  • Free scaling, including zoom function for the curves
  • Rapid adaptability to new situations using a menu-driven user interface
  • Monitoring of up to 32 channels
  • Made in Switzerland Made in Switzerland

Tool Monitor SEM-MODUL-e

Central Unit

SEM-MODUL-e Display

Tool Monitor SEM-Modul

SEM-Modul / SEM-Profibus
DIN-rail housing

SEM-Modul Tischgerät
Table-top unit

SEM-Modul / SEM-Profibus
Panel mounted unit

SEM-Modul Tischgerät
Flat display

Tool Monitor SEM-B2

SEM-Modul / SEM-Profibus
Panel mounted unit