The company

Dr. Ing. Klaus Nordmann

Dr.-Ing. Klaus Nordmann

Nordmann GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1989 by Dr.-Ing. Klaus Nordmann as a "technology-oriented company" with the support of the Federal Minister for Research. Since then we have grown to about 40 employees. Today we are a leading supplier of highly sensitive measurement systems and sensors for tool monitoring.

Software and Hardware development, production and sales take place from the company building depicted, which is located in Hürth near Cologne (Germany), as well at Nordmann International in Pfäffikon (Switzerland).

Our systems, with their multi-lingual menu structure, are in use around the world. Because we use different methods of measurement (acoustic emission, force, effective power, pressure, expansion, path, laser), we are capable of monitoring all types of metal cutting machine tools.

Nordmann GmbH & Co. KG

Nordmann GmbH & Co. KG in Huerth near by Cologne


Nordmann International in Pfäffikon

Some of the sensors are non-contact so that they can measure in the immediate vicinity of the tool.

We have placed special emphasis on the monitoring of difficult cases, for example the monitoring of very small tools and multi-spindle drill heads. Several patents have been issued for this (Look at our news).

Altough we mass produce tool monitoring systems, our strengths lie in the adaptation to special installation situations, in fulfilling customer desires, and in rapid on-site service.

Test us with a first piece of equipment, which we will also install for trials.